A project by Andres, Khryssha Marie N., Apuntar, Alyssa Lou A., Arandia, Jelie L., Corcega, John Vincent M., Jamorol, Rianna Millene, Rodaje, Rica, Sarra, Micaela Denise T., and Tallod, Cristel Jasmin H.

Begun in January 2021, the developers from University of Perpetual Help System JONELTA - GMA Campus aimed to create an interactive game that can be used as an assistive tool in studying. The developers have the following goals or objectives in conducting this study: (1) To develop an app to aid studying; (2) To develop a game that students will enjoy; and (3) To provide students a more convenient and “fun” way to learn about academic topics and subjects.

The developers made the game using web technologies such as Angular and HTML5. Primarily using third-party technologies, the team was able to create a game that works on mobile devices, as well as the web.

The developers have evaluated the game with the application’s target audience, the senior high school students; and technical experts in the field. The team found out that the game is acceptable in both areas, although improvements are welcome in the future.

Having in mind that “Witzy” is beneficial to both students and teachers, there is a possibility of a huge step of improvement by implementing “Witzy” as a right-hand tool for teachers wherein given its potential, it is suitable as an official academic learning tool.

Witzy can be downloaded from GitHub and the Oppo AppMarket on Oppo and Realme devices.